A Place You Must Always Remember To Forget


A collage I presented during Week 2 which took influences from the techniques of James Corner.

The piece is entitled “A Place You Must Always Remember To Forget” which was inspired by a documentary I came across during my research. The documentary that explored the conditions, ideologies and political issues surrounding a Nuclear Waste Disposal Area in Onkalo, Finland.

This was used to help describe the mystery of post 2050 Segregated Silvertown Island. I was interested in developing my initial interests of organic architecture merged with digital architecture, but incorporate into a setting of mystery, curiosity, compartmentalised information and the notion of revealing a hidden architecture.

As well as James Corner, (below):

Image By James Corner

Image by James Corner


Image by James Corner


Image by James Corner

I also took large inspiration from Ekaterina Panikanova, for the way the visual/s were spread across multiple sketchbooks as a metaphor for separating information across different sources.

Inspiration - Ekaterina Panikanova

Image by Ekaterina Panikanova


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