Envisaging the Conditions for Silvertown Island

My research brought me to this documentary on a Nuclear disposal Area in Finland. I was encapsulated and fascinated about how they describe this space; The spatial quality, atmosphere and political aspects.

The idea of compartmentalised information and how they discuss how future society would perceive this place.

How they would keep people away from this place.

How they discuss how they could draw upon history such as Egyptian ideologies and architecture to inform and warn future architecture.

How it creates curiosity and evokes the idea of hidden architecture.

I welcome you all to watch.


On reflection on watching the documentary, I found the slow eerie under-tone balanced with dynamic, informative “to and fro”  of positive and negative arguments.

My interests within the duration of the film focused when discussion began on how it would warn future societies, how possible would perceive this place  the subsequent precautions that could be implemented. It outlined how “you” were considered the “threat” and drew references from periods such as the Egyptian Era in order to debate solutions to the forbidden entry of this place.

I found it interesting how the they explored and questioned details such as the word Permanent in reference to the argument of “Permanent Disposal Area.”

Also, questioning notion of something valuable is there, regardless of the danger. In particular, the question, “Could the waste have the value of gold or more?” in which the person is forced to answer honestly “Yes.” 

The same occurs later in the film, when the a Principle Adviser for Regulation Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority is asked “whether he trusted future generations?” Which provokes an uneasy response.

It was also interesting how “Law” could dictate the architecture in the form of the installation of archives – In relation to the brief of Collabocracy – How Archives are used for privacy and open-source.

The Film provides balanced views without a concluding answer. Providing more questions and mystery.

My curiosity led me investigate further into this location, only to discover that aerial photography from Bing Maps and Google Maps had ever blurred, obscured or provide out-dated visuals of the area. Whilst understandable due to the sensitive and secure nature. It also evoked ideas of the physical, social and atmospheric conditions, in other words, the spatial qualities there; How in a 21st century enriched with resources, technology and open source to allow us to view and research general area,. Yet areas of extreme importance are “hidden” or “withheld.” A hidden architecture – Within the documentary, it is described as “protecting us.”

Courtesy of Bing Maps

Courtesy of Bing Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


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