Research Methodology Statement


“Goodbye to the Dream Factory” – a term made famous and forever associated within UK Architectural history and the UK Television Industry for the closure of BBC Television Centre at White City, London. – It is the term, rather than the 1960s Minimalist Structure that provided inspiration for the focus of this particular thesis. The notion of bidding farewell to a space or structure that manifested multiple possibilities and opportunities. However, its place, purpose and spatial quality remained trapped in a stasis of time regardless of its demolition or change in purpose.

The title “Time-lapse Architecture” has been used as a play on the idea of “Time-less Architecture.” – Forms, Spaces and Details that are labelled as architecture that evolves, adapts or does not conflict with the changing styles and societal trends.

The word “Time-lapse” is a photographic and film technique of sequential frames taken at set instants to document changes that take place over a slower period of time and represented as a single still shot or sped up film capture. However, within this motion it tends to be that the “Architecture” that remains still and relatively trapped as a temporal phase of architecture.


The form is representative of the thesis title and it captures the data as a series of frames. Frames that are inter-connected brainstorm links across layers of acetate in order to identify the individual topics, components and area of explorations and reveals the outcome as one single capture.


This thesis will run in conjunction with my master project in order to implement, test these theories and establish strong supportive visuals.


Acknowledgement. Special thanks to Owen Rutter and Robbie Munn for their guidance and assistance during the construction and photography of this technical RMS (Research Methodology Statement) draft submission.


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