Modelling the Millennium Mills


In preparation for the animation, I have began to model the existing spaces. The Millennium Mill will be the main setting for the beginning of the scenes; Scenes that paint the atmospheric and unknown nature of these internal spaces; Spaces that this new meta-morphing agent believes is architecture that is representative of surface, as it erupts from the under world and embarks on its first steps to learn.


As part of this development of the narrative and animation for the project, I have made the decision to use a combination of 3D virtual modelling, 2.5D animations and Matte Paintings, (the latter two methods will be featured on following blog posts).


I began this process by modelling individual spaces as oppose to the modelling the overall Mill. This was a more efficient use of time and allowed to focus on applied more details to the relevant scenes on my animation.


This allowed me to carry out a number of research investigation in order to demonstrate the level of photo realism I could achieve within the development and progression to my final outputs.

For example, during this period I was able to home my skills for “baking textures” within my model to speed up necessary render times – Baking Textures allows textures to be incorporated with features such as lights to increase work flow and speed up render times as less calculation have to be preformed.

UV MAP_Column Pipe

Animation tests to follow…

Render Tests…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



As part of the research process, I carried out a breakdown analysis of work of previous Unit 15 animations, looking into the graphical and cinematic techniques:


– Megalomania, 2010
Jonathan Gales


– The Battersea Experiment, 2011
Dan Tassell



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