End of Term 1 Crit

End of Term 1 Crit – 16/12/15

Tutors: Nic Clear, Michael Aling, Simon Withers, Hyun Jun Park & Adam Prest.



Plan of the Board – 09/12/15

The end of term crit was to present our “Grand Narrative”, our explorations to date and for tutors to assess and help furher the project in preparation for the January submissions.



Project Statement:

The project immerses itself into a world of morphing forms of fractals that grows both new forms of architecture and seeks to reimagine the lines of the landscape of Silvertown in a post-2050 era.

The project deals with issues of quarantine and the perceptions from outside and inside the exclusion zone as the area of Silverton and North Woolwich, London has been segregated from the rest society in order to protect themselves from the unknown.

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  • I hadn’t shown all the experiments, research and outputs from this term.
  • Looked too finished – Presenting the finished product, rather than the progression.
  • Large section in perspective: Gave a false indication from the initial intention of sheet which was to indentify, (in a systematic way), how this new form of architecture begins from beneath the surface, erupting and how it explores the internal spaces of the Millennium Mill (Opening Location/Site).
  • Large site map: I need to illustrate the post-2050 setting and identify other data in more detail as some areas were unclear why I had identifed them.
  • I need to establish the narrative better through systematic drawings/diagrams/storyboard.
  • Questions regarding the dredging of the water and whether it was neccessary.
  • I need to research and identify current day procedures involving quarantine and incorporate that into my portfolio sheets for January.
  • I need to elaborate and demonstrate the methods of modelling I am using to achieve these forms.
  • I need to finish my animation to a good stage for January submission.

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