Continued Terraforming of Silvertown

Development & Experimentation:

Pictureques Mountains02

This week’s development has seen me build upon modelling techniques to terraform my site as the ‘Fractal Environment’grows.

Once again I drew influences from JG Ballard’s The Crystal World and the paintings of Max Ernst to develop and mutate the landform.

Part 1 Portfolio - January Hand-in_Page_08

The decision and progression from this point onwards is to decide on the level in which I morph the site and more importantly, how much of the animation captures this change, over what time period and in which dynamic.


Quarantined Zone: Isolated area in which this contagion is allowed to grow.


Decision whether to mutate the entire site and after how long a period of time.

Export_Topo_05Contagion kept to isolated areas of interest.


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