Design Proposal – Area_01

The design proposal that follows is a progression from previous research and blog, (Fractal Aesthetics for the Building Structures) in which looked the fractal qualities within natural form.

The following hand drawings helped develop the notion of how these structure could appear on the planes of Silvertown. An aspect of the final animation will be a depiction and narrative of Silvertown’s abandonment and dereliction, to a progression of a fractal jungle; One that is ornate and an exploration of intricacy as a new organic settlement thrives from its disconnected from the surrounding context of Twenty-First Century London.


The following plan of the dome designs illustrate a fractal progression from these seed structures; Each unique and create a level of individual interest:

Tower_Dome Design

These ideas were modelled and constructed to form a scene on site.


The rendered scene depicts the atmosphere and approach that will appear within the animation. The scene is a juxtaposition with O2 Arena’s dome design; rigid and uniform with the organic domes; Each different and developing in form.



Render developments using photo filters, lens flares and colour adjustments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next stage will be perform animation test within this scene.

I have began by performing some successful ‘Point-Cloud’ renders:

Perspective View:

Tower - Elevation Point Cloud_02

Elevation View:

Tower - Elevation Point Cloud

Close-up View:

Tower - Elevation Point Cloud_03

These could potential leads to analytical breakdown scenes for these particular structures.



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  1. love the point cloud renders


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